Still Orbiting

by indigosparke

Sometimes you meet people
And they change your life
In all the best and worst ways possible
Shake you up
Crack you open
Make you breathe again
Those deep oceanic breaths
The kind that soothe your soul
But make you tremble a little
It comes from a knowing
A fit
Two souls re united
There is a kind of erratic excitement
A deep somber melancholia
The thought of losing what you’ve found
The thought of not enough time to share all your stories with this person that feels like…


For a moment in time
You lay down your armour
And unravel
All of your gold and silken threads for the other to weave into the story they want to see of you
Whether its true or not
In this suspended hope
It doesn’t matter

Sometimes these meetings last the rise and fall of many moons

and sometimes

they are hard and fast and explosive

Leaving you speechless


Aimlessly wandering

The world in search of the next shooting star that will explode in your chest and settle into the precious key hole you have saved for the shape of your other half.