On the road

by indigosparke

I am left a rag doll on the side of the road

the road to nowhere


I walk
waiting for someone to pick me up
to wipe my face clean
wipe my eyes dry
wipe the blood from my cracked feet

No one stops


A few

The ones who can see who I am under the dust this world has covered me in
who can see my soul through my eyes
who can read and feel it

They stop

But I am so blinded by the lies I have told myself
I don’t see them
I can’t
I can’t believe its real

these ones
tell me over and over and over
they have come to pick me up

But I say no
politely at first
but then I scream through gritted teeth and tears for them to leave because I feel trapped and I can’t keep walking on my own when they are blocking my path forward


Please move…

Please just let me be

Ive been doing it on my own and I don’t need you
and you can’t love me anyway
Im to much a mess for you to fix
so please
please don’t try

they leave

And then I realise

I chase the car screaming for them to stop
but they can’t hear me

And I am alone again

In silence