Sweet Sister

by indigosparke

There is nothing I can do from here

Way up in the clouds
The colours of…

Your pieces are to broken
The glue your using won’t work anymore

And the shattering scream
Fractures all the parts of us we’d mended

For in your darkness you think its only you that feels

The pain
of heartbreak
of hoping
so deeply for a love that will heal the wounds of the world we store within us

He can’t
He won’t
He doesn’t even realise

Sweet girl of what you ask for

And the steps you made together on your journey in the dust, have now been swept away by the wind

Nothing remains
but a vast space of empty memories hanging poignantly in your mind

Im sorry
My love

For this is the beginning


I know you are tired
and weak
and stained

There is nothing I can do from here

Of my words i weave a golden web of light to catch you

I hope.

And into it, I’ve woven all your strengths that I have seen and know

Sweet sister

You will mend and you will grow luminous