by indigosparke

I don’t want to write today
but I am
full exposure
no time to process
from my mind to the page
I give in
and find myself
something deeper
deeper still
but not stillness
something that moves violently
inside me
and I wonder
why I am the way I am
tired of feeling it all so strongly

Peace comes in the breeze
the perfect temperature
the same as my body
so I float
in and out
of reveries
and reflections

You wait
I know you wait
All of you wait for me to return
But I don’t want to

To simplify

As I have nothing of myself I wish to give right now

Sometimes I think its selfish
and I dream of offering myself to you and your desires

But I would rather pass through silence
into nothingness
like the feeling of the Never Never days in the land of milk and honey
rejoicing in the warmth and burnt land
damp heat

What is it?

I can never quite find the words


Just another day

As it all floods over