The Bird

by indigosparke

The bird flies around inside the bus station
Trying to get out
Trying to find its way home
Confused, it flies into things
Banging against the roof and the walls, windows and floor
Stuck in the transportation snow dome

People come and go
And no one sees the bird
Heads down
Earphones in
Blocked out
Aware of…

I am the bird
I know how this bird feels
And stuck in hiatus in the terminal hoping to board the next bus

Hoping to board the next bus
Hoping to board the next bus
Hoping to board the next bus

And now I’m covered in bruises
Battered from smacking up against the walls of this existence
To tired to even really care
To full from the crumbs that people leave behind to eat
To full and tired to nourish myself substantially
And no, I’m not depressed
I mean the bird…
The bird is not depressed
Its just looking for a god damn way out
And no one is even watching
No one is even watching as the bird tries to fly
But i am
And maybe thats enough

Maybe one person is all it takes to get free