Her. Me. The Woman.

by indigosparke

Its time
To play in reality
I did not come here to observe
I came here to participate
I have been hiding
Hiding deep
And high
Amongst the spirits and the clouds
Hoping perhaps that below would disappear
But it didn’t
And I left my foot dangling
My toes testing the water
And she saw
Ahe saw it all
Me mirrored in her youth
Me mirrored in her mind
Me mirrored in her brilliance
Sensitive and strong

Pulled down
She takes my hand
Kindly and with so much love
“I don’t want to go, there… its easier staying here, nowhere in particular… kind of see through”

But its time she says, there will be no more hiding
You have to much to offer…

People will always want a piece of you

I have given it all
So now there is nothing left
And I am in a dizzy spell of anti gravity
Floating round and round
Searching for the ground
But not
So scared
Of being every thing i hate

But this is my Dharma
And I will participate