by indigosparke

and bars
Into my heart

On a cellular level
I breath
Because everything tells me to
And I speak
When people need my words
Falling from my mouth
They catch them

But I can’t seem to see the point
The point behind the drive
At least tonight
As the rain on the roof keeps me awake
And I wonder what it all means

You and her and your new baby
The war for land that belongs to no one
The money that makes the world go round
The greed for more
The love of beauty
The race we are running
To death

And when we’re almost there
We reflect
And search for all the missing moments in our minds to tell ourselves it was worthwhile
That we were worthy
Worthy of all the things we had
When all we needed was love

Just love
Simple and unconditional
The kind of love that caresses every part of our being with warmth and tenderness
The kind of love that whispers “Its ok, to feel. Ill be here anyway. And always”
The kind of love that wakes you up and screams “YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN”
The kind of love that laughs when you laugh celebrating joy in every pore and sits patiently on the end of your bed holding your hand while you cry the confusion of the world into your pillow.

That love

That great great love

Sometimes its there


Sometimes is not

But in the silence of our hearts, the fleeting moments of experiencing this love can be remembered
And delighted in
Just like it was yesterday

The warm breeze
The taste of honey
The smell of jasmine
Faint music in the distance
And nature all around

I remember now
Peace in an eternal moment