Far beyond the quiet

by indigosparke

To risk it all

To fight for freedom

With words
And movement
And union

I know I am being called
And as the fear bubbles up and over
My mind talks my heart in and out of illusionary stories

for me to pull the covers up over my face and hide from reality

What are you?

Are you love? And all the relationships I swam deep into, muddying my feet whilst dancing in the rain screaming and crying with joy and with pain

Are you drugs? To trip in the mind and not know whether your hallucinations are real or false and what is real anyway, if you believe it, its real

Are you clothes? And material objects? To upgrade this version of myself and pretend like I am glossy and just alive for everyone to see and praise me for my beauty

Are you food? To over delight in the senses falling into a gluttonous slow motion dream where I am drunk and delirious and unaware and who cares? Im happy and full

Are you religion? To be so lost that and so scared that an elaborately conceived idea is the only thing that gets you through the day, praying to a multifaceted concept to help guide you through your life

I dont know


On an eternal quest for truth

Truth is spirit

The spirit within

The magnificent light in all of us

And once we have woken up to our light, it is our duty to help guide others to their light, so that the universal consciousness can finally again remember

We are all connected and we are all love