The cab ride

by indigosparke

La Familia – Mi Vida – Mi Corazon

To walk this part of the journey home with you has humbled me to my core, ground me down, made me weep, dance with joy, truth and purpose, and spun me like a spinning top into myself to remember my deepest values.


To have met, touched, sung, danced, cried, laughed, and prayed with each one of you, gifted like roadside prophets guiding fire along the way.

I stand naked and uncovered in a place so very raw where strength and vulnerability meet
I stand in love
I stand in a golden field of hope
I stand in a field of freedom
For all that passion ignited in that sacred place where the walls of fear have melted, where creativity triumphs, flowing freely, howling at the moon… AHOOOOOOOOO

A delicate merging of worlds, a perfectly woven tapestry, dreamt up from otherworldly beds
Our life
Thank YOU
For the lessons
For holding space
For filling me with courage
For breath, for words, for heart, for soul…

Turning the pages
Writing the chapters
Delighting in the silent notes between
All expansion
With each step transparently surrendering to Pacha Mama
For in her house of wild nature
Our names echo in eternity

Suspended in stardust