by indigosparke

An unraveling, uncovering and excavation of self

To fall in cracks I thought Id paved

And so a new repaving of my road begins

Setting fires on the inside along the way


First this

An internal pilgrimage in complete devotion

The clear the space

To give it all

Because how, like so many who have danced before me do I make a difference?

This exhausted mind beaten by karma

Born again in a field of time where ash tears fall and flowers still bloom and we are suspended in confusion

Sometimes I think that if I start to cry I won’t be able to stop

The overwhelming joy and sadness of this world and how it co exists

Explodes inside of me

I feel my heart breaking and breaking and breaking

The rise and fall of breath allows the universe to move inside me

I choose love
I choose grace
I choose kindness
I choose strength
I choose authenticity
I choose courage
I choose joy
I choose peace
I choose freedom

I choose to walk in truth


Bloom bloom bloom

Like the weightless petals on the flower I so delight in

Oh the fascination and the fear!

Everyday, re knowing…

There is never a going back

Something always draws us forward

Maybe its a yearning

Or maybe

Its simply

To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving…

Om Mani Padme Hum