by indigosparke

For you

All for you

From the most tender part of me

I offer up my love

The other day i travelled back to when I was a seed

You didn’t know you had me yet

But I heard you praying silently

And what I felt was overwhelming. . .

You love me more then anything

I sobbed

Realising my story that you didn’t or never could

But more so that you loved me so much you didn’t have the time to love yourself

This is what your life should be about now

You deserve the world of love you paint around you

There isn’t time to doubt or crumble under how the world or your mind makes you think you are a failure, in the eyes of who?

You are the universe

And if the grandest idea you ever had burns and smokes, what then? Nothing

And maybe thats the solitude you’ve been searching for

Throw it all up to the ring of clouds above your head and sing for the world

I chose you many life times ago and celebrated from my otherworldly bed the day you were born again. . . because Id been waiting thousands of years just to feel your hand on my face and hear your voice