Home… for now…

by indigosparke

Arrive Ubud
Arrive Wayan Jens
Jungle House
Made it

Im straight on the back of her bike and we go out for dinner at the Jazz cafe…
An interesting experience to say the least.
Scoop up a new friend met at dinner, Julia, and quick bail onto the next place…
Now we can settle… into the reggae vibes… cheesy but well played
We sit and observe the observers and mindless fish swimming in the sticky air slightly blurry eyed and happy.
Everyone watching everyone
The Bob Marley cover calls me get up stand up and Julia and I have a dance.

We decide to leave and 3up on the bike… riding home its a little cooler and we scream driving through the rice paddies. A free girlish scream letting our excitement and all free to the open sky and moon.

Shortly after we arrive home Cami arrives. There is no pause for cuddles and kisses and giggles.

The four of us women sit around eating popcorn and drinking Ayurvedic Kapha tea and talk about traveling, food and sex. Pure delight in each others company.


We sleep like two little angels side by side in our cotton nighties waiting to be delivered to a world we can make sense of…
A world that doesn’t break our hearts so much and confuse our love…