Where the sun sets and the stars rise, we go in search of that place that makes us real again…

by indigosparke

I am so grateful and continuously blown away by the women who are in my life…

Today I was so spoilt by my dear and inspirational sister Cisco who lives here in Canggu.

We spent a beautiful day floating around, from a yoga class at Desa Seni to swims to ever changing seated positions around the house, all the while chatting, drinking green juice and eating really special Ayurvedic meals (cooked by her)

Not only was I cared for in such tender detail, but I was reminded of the joys of women growing and evolving.

I remember as a teenager the itchy feeling of unsettled friendship groups, unkind words spoken and constant comparison which ultimately fueled a deep sense of jealousy and misguided communication.

Over time friends who I thought would be there forever, fell away from my side and the people I thought were my people were infact not…

There is often a rebirthing of sorts, as you fumble for your new identity in the world, clinging to the old, but desperately yearning for the new.

You find new friends through similar values and begin to build new soul families.

It has taken many years to comfortably say that I now have a wonderful supportive solid group of friends, specifically girlfriends… strong talented women, who I am so so so incredibly proud of.

There is a fierce support for one another and jealousy and comparison doesnt exist.

Its so refreshing and comforting to know that these women are out there, in their various corners of the globe, and at any time you can sit down and share honest soul without judgement.

Here to the chickitasss!!!

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