Just GO! Take nothing but a backpack, yourself and enough cash to get you by… just.

by indigosparke

The enormity of the moment is frightening.

As I sit here waiting to board my flight I breathe through palpable surges of anxiety. The kind of nervous anxiety that scatters your thoughts like constellations and then puts you to sleep.

Its now that Im missing that 14hr flight to LA… the thought of a confined place to sleep for that long is rather comforting in my chaos.

There is only so long you can stand on the edge of a cliff wondering what will happen if you jump.

So this year Ive decided to jump… and jump… and jump… and trust I will be caught and carried in the right directions.

Poignant and Pivotal…

Im letting it all wash over me. Life, love, fear, excitement, doubt… and in this I remind myself my thoughts are just perpetuating some sort of illusion, some sort of reality.

Only love is real and it can melt my fear.

So… Im here, and its now, drunk on dreams, content to be sitting, writing, listening.

In the cinematic black and white film in my head of my life, I have delicately began to sew my fractured pieces together… with love and forgiveness.